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Composing the ideal look for a wedding is an art form in itself.
There are so many things to consider: the location, the time of year, the type of celebration, and so on. If there is one golden rule to remember as a guest at a wedding, it is not to steal the spotlight from the bride and groom. The idea is to wear an outfit that is elegant, discreet and easy to wear. So how do you make sure you choose the right outfit for any wedding? It's all about expressing your personal style with our English chic look within the confines of the wedding dress code.

What are the criteria to be taken into account in the choice of his costume? The starting point to be defined is the spirit that the groom wishes to give to his outfit. We prefer to talk about outfit, rather than just costume. Indeed, it is the combination of the suit, but also the shirt and accessories that will give a successful silhouette. Two identical suits worn with a tie or bow tie will tell two completely different stories. Will the wedding be country, ultra chic or sleek? Each theme has its own silhouette. Be careful not to forget to be in tune with the spirit of the bride's dress.

The English chic style comes back strongly in fashion and can correspond to all possible wedding themes, just look for the assemblies, accessories, and even the small details that make the big differences like straps, gusset watches, and many others. Now it's up to you to find your ideal !

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