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The first choice of your wardrobe: 

shirt white men peaky blinders
Nothing is more flattering than a white shirt. Indeed, this piece gives a certain presence to the men who wear it.  In my opinion, a man's first investment should be a quality white shirt. 
            Of course, the men's wardrobe is built around a few emblematic and indispensable pieces, and the white shirt is one of them. Never out of fashion, it is the men's clothing that mixes classicism and seduction. 
That's why it must be well chosen. Cut, quality and finishes are elements to be taken into account when making your final choice.

How to wear your shirt :

 With a tie for the office, an open button for an evening with friends, a silk scarf for an elegant lunch, the white shirt is versatile. It can be worn logically with a jacket as well as with a jacket and with dressy or patterned trousers. 
            Every man should have at least two of them in his closet. Linen, cotton or silk, natural materials are obviously welcome again.

Perfect for summer:

men shirt peaky blinders Tommy

With the arrival of summer, I advise you to opt for a white poplin shirt
            It is an excellent choice for summer or mid-season, to combine with a dark blue suit for a formal style or to wear with more "classic" trousers for a more casual look. Made of cotton, wool or silk, poplin is the classic, most commonly used weave.  Woven with a warp thread finer than the weft thread, this fabric is pleasant to the touch.

            The tight weave gives it a good quality. The poplin is used to make elegant shirts for work as well as for an event. You will be amazed by its softness and lightness, the ideal companion for summer.

To vary your styles : 

men shirt peaky blinders Tommy

            To vary your styles, you can bet on different collars. Classic, the French collar is an asset to be elegant in a tie, in a formal setting or during a ceremony.
            For a more modern look, the small Italian collar is an obvious choice as it can be worn under a sweater or jacket. 

 As you can see, the white shirt is a must in the men's wardrobe.

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