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How to wear a shirt?


 It's the very basis of the men's locker room. As it is one of the fundamentals, choosing it conscientiously is essential: cut and material are therefore major elements to consider when buying. 
Material, cut, collar, cuffs: so many things to consider before making up your mind. Without going into all the details of a perfect shirt, you will have to choose: A collar proportional to your face (as well as to the lapels of your jacket if you are wearing one), Correct seams at the shoulders (which, again, should follow the natural curvature of the shoulders) and a nice drop in the back once you put it on.
First of all, a distinction should be made between two main families: formal shirts and so-called "casual" shirts. The former are longer and are generally worn with a suit in a professional setting. Apart from its length, the shape of its collar will also give you a reliable indicator: the more rigid and wide it is, the more difficult it will be to wear the shirt casually.
From ready-to-wear to the art of tailoring, the formal shirt is one of man's historic allies. Conversely, "casual" shirts have a much more informal look because of their cut (often shorter and straighter), but also because of the materials used: oxford, chambray or flannel. With this shirts, the range of possibilities is wider: it can be worn closed, open on a T-shirt, tucked into trousers or, more often, outside.
In conclusion, you have much more freedom of choice with a casual shirt. On the other hand, it's inappropriate with a suit.
Last tip: prefer long-sleeved shirts, even if it means rolling up the sleeves if you're hot. They are much more modern and elegant.
          It's up to you to choose your ideal for this summer

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