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The suit is really the best in terms of style

It's something every man should own because it undeniably contributes to improving your look and the confidence you have in yourself. Even if you are rather "I'm not the kind of man to wear a suit" there are occasions when it is necessary to put one on (wedding, job interview…).
This article is therefore here to give you the 8 rules to respect when you wear a suit :

Always unbutton the bottom button :

When you wear a two-button jacket you must always unbutton the bottom button. This gives you a better figure and restricts you less in your movements. Same for a 3-button jacket, you only have to unbutton the third. This rule is very simple but look around you, you will see that many people still make this mistake.

Coordinate your shoes : 

This basic rule is also valid if you are not wearing a suit, but it makes sense with this formal and elegant outfitAs far as colours are concerned, you can allow yourself a few shades of difference but you should avoid mixing similar colours, for example, dark brown with camel. In a less radical way you can extend this exercise on your watchband if it is made of leather and even on your other accessories (bags, gloves, berets etc...). This brings a real stylistic plus.

Unbutton your jacket before you sit down :

When you sit down, always remember to unbutton the jacket to avoid unsightly folds that will make you feel completely engrossed in your suit, and you will feel more comfortable. This will give you a "confident" look in all positions and in all possible situations.

Button up your jacket when you're up :

The cut of a suit and therefore your silhouette is better highlighted when your jacket is buttoned. We therefore invite you to close it every time you get up.

Show the cuffs of your shirt :

Small details often make the difference, among them, we can evoke the fact that the cuffs of your shirt are 1 to 2 cm higher than the sleeves of the jacket. This is of course a point to think about when buying the suit but don't hesitate to pull a little on the cuffs of the shirt after putting on your jacket.

Don't fill your pockets :

A well-tailored suit pant has to fit snugly enough. This allows them to give your figure a certain slimness. If you fill your pockets with a smartphone, card holder or car keys, it will break that silhouette. Keep these items in your coat pockets or the inside pocket of your jacket for your smartphone. In case you're overloaded, the best solution is to have a bag with you.

Shine your shoes :

Don't neglect your shoes, for your style of course, but also because it's the first thing women will look at in your outfit.  It reflects your ability to look after your business. It doesn't take a lot of time to maintain them and it will also allow you to keep them longer.

Do not wear too many accessories :

There are many accessories that you can wear with a suit: a tie, a clutch, a tie clip, a pin, a scarf… Avoid putting everything at the same time! For something formal, the tie and clutch are already very good. The tie clip can add a touch of rigor or originality, it depends on the point of view, but it is far from being mandatory. However, if you want to wear this accessory, do it right.
You now have all the cards in your hand to be a perfect gentleman!

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