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 Choosing quality shoes is important, but it's not the only thing that counts! We regularly wonder which pair to choose for which occasion. There are several styles dress shoes, not all work with the same outfit. Choosing the right shoes can add a formal touch to an outfit or, conversely, make it more casual. It's up to you to take ownership of the codes and reinterpret them.


Always keep in mind that the beauty of a pair depends on its quality. This is essential for choosing the right shoes. A perfectly manufactured product, with noble materials, is beautiful no matter what. On the other hand, a poor quality product will immediately spoil your outfit. For example, a beautiful leather is immediately noticeable... . Before you even talk about style, make sure you have a sewn-in, quality assembly !

Regularity and robustness are key words!
For the material, choose a well-tanned leather with a deep shade, a pleasant and sensual touch, but above all no marked folds from the first step! In terms of price, apart from a few exceptions, it is difficult to find a very good quality, durable and well-made shoe at less than 60 £ (excluding sales). Add to that about fifty euros for a shoe care kit and a shoe polish, and you'll make an investment you won't regret! If you're really limited financially, it's better to wait for the balances... Although the prices are unbeatable, you won't find anything of lasting value or quality in other "small" retail brands.
Originally, they are extremely formal and noble shoes. It is the model par excellence to wear with a suit. Its elegance is due to its great finesse and the purity of its lines. Impossible to be more formal, reserved for special occasions !
How to wear boots ? It's best to start slowly and respect the codes of formal elegance. Diversions are possible, but it is really in a very dressy outfit that the Boots are best highlighted. A marked contrast between the colour of the suit and the colour of the shoe gives relief to an outfit. Fanatics will shout that the shoes are a lighter or darker shade than the costume, but that is, as they say, "each to his own".

Now, for a more relaxed ambiance, the models worked in a less strict spirit offer beautiful proposals. That's when we talk about the famous "Dress Shoes": It's probably the best known of all shoes. The pair you buy for your first job, the first wedding you are invited to, etc.. Might as well tell you that not having a pair in your closet is clearly a foul. It will be useful for many occasions and, potentially, in everyday life as it will go perfectly with a suit.

Of course they must be, in all circumstances, absolutely impeccable. We've all seen a well-dressed man whose outfit is simply ruined by a pair of poorly maintained shoes. Avoid, as much as possible, perforations and other flower tips as they produce the opposite effect. The idea here, throughout this blog, is to stay in an "English chic" look that is incredibly back in fashion.
Now, it's up to you to choose your ideal shoe !

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